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Artificial Sand For Construction

Artificial Sand For Construction

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Artificial Sand For Construction in China

With the deepening of reform and opening, gravel industry, like other building materials industry has developed rapidly. China gravel annual production by more than 600 million tons before the reform to 1.5 billion tons, of which, about 600 million tons of sand. At present, most Chinese regions application of sand is a natural sand, natural sand resources is a local resource, is the short-term non-renewable and long-distance transport, with the increasing infrastructural development, the emergence of natural sand resources in many areas in China gradually reduced, or even no case of natural sand, concrete, sand supply and demand is particularly prominent, while sand prices higher and higher, in some areas up to 110 yuan / ton, sand peak Shihai no sand available, the impact of the project construction progress. Artificial sand into the construction market is the need to build the market development of the situation.

Artificial sand will serve as an important source of Artificial Sand For Construction materials among the city often in China, except for a few areas and departments of artificial sand understand, most regions and industries are still unfamiliar with artificial sand. To make artificial sand have more in-depth understanding and proper production, use good artificial sand, I talk about some experiences.

Since the 1960s, artificial sand has been inexperienced, because the environmental conditions of the limited number of construction projects, China’s hydropower construction sector began to use local stone production process, technical performance mechanism of sand, concrete and mortar applied research and start using in the project. From the 1970s, Guizhou Province has a large-scale use of mechanisms sand hill in the construction and development of local standards. Later, Yunnan, Henan, have also introduced the use of artificial sand local standards or regulations. Since the 1990s, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces and cities have the artificial sand production line, and make use of artificial sand. For decades a large number of engineering practice, proved the use of artificial sand is economically reasonable and technically mature. Abroad, the United States, Britain, Japan and other industrialized countries the use of artificial sand also has several decades of history, the artificial sand into their national standards of the time for at least 30 years.

At present, China’s process maturity artificial sand production line has a number of, artificial sand production equipment and technology is fully equipped and outside China have different brands and models to choose from sand making equipment. Therefore, the development of artificial sand is imperative.

Currently, sand quality control thanks to the use of test units after entering, responsibility for quality construction sand fell almost all the user’s body, this control is actually very passive and helpless, which led to a number of engineering accident occur. The reason is mainly the quality of natural sand production and producers of the decision. The artificial sand production is a fundamental difference with natural sand, artificial sand production regardless of size, always in a fixed production sites, production technology and equipment, the quality of their products is completely controlled and stable, and therefore, improve quality artificial sand producers, improve the artificial sand production enterprise requirement is necessary and possible.

China is a vast, artificial sand everywhere because of mineral raw materials, processing technology, processing equipment, such as different, particle shape, grain size distribution, dust content, etc. will be no small difference, but the quality as long as the artificial sand fully meet the technical requirements of national standard , regardless of mineral raw materials artificial sand, processing technology, how processing equipment, can be used. On the contrary, the quality of artificial sand reach the technical requirements of the new national standard, even the best of mineral raw materials, processing technology, the production of artificial sand processing equipment can not be used. Users should require manufacturers to improve the quality of artificial sand, artificial sand producers can improve and achieve the quality requirements of the new national standard, which is artificial sand quality assured an advantage than natural sand. Quality difference between Chinese natural sand is not, users generally have experience, and artificial sand quality difference is large, inexperienced users, as long as strict inspection according to the provisions of the new standards, the use of artificial sand is completely ensure project quality . Although the majority of construction sand manufacturer never provided sand product certification, but the new GB or explicitly proposed to the company offers product certification this requirement. Especially artificial sand production and users should insist on the implementation of the new standard in this provision, so that the building be effectively protected and improve sand quality, quality assurance, and will be further implemented.

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