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Cement Brick Machine In South Africa

Cement Brick Machine In South Africa

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Analysis of feeding mode of Cement Brick Machine In South Africa

The Cement Brick Machine In South Africa automatically adjusts the shape of the different feeding rolls in the feeding, which will affect the size and direction of the initial speed of the material. After the material comes into contact with it, there will be an acceleration process through the friction, but whether the material can be accelerated to the end. The constant velocity with the roll surface also depends on the length of the accelerating arc segment available and the amount of centrifugal force the material is subjected to. When the speed of the Cement Brick Machine In South Africa feed roller is high, the material may not have been accelerated until it is thrown away from the roll surface at the same speed as the roll surface. Therefore, it does not make sense to blindly increase the rotational speed of the front feed roller. When the feed roller is in other tooth shapes, the material is propelled by the roller teeth, and there is no acceleration process. The position of the throwing point and the initial speed of the throwing are determined by the feed roller speed.

Once the material supplied by the feeding conveyor is dropped onto the grinding conveyor, it is evenly spread. The material supplied to the grinding conveyor per unit time will be spread into a longer distance but a thinner material. segment. The feed roller speed is automatically adjusted. The flow rate adjustment is more precise when using variable frequency speed regulation, which is convenient for intuitive digital display. However, the manufacturing cost is high. The feed trajectory changes with the rotation speed of the front feed roller during operation, and the flow guide needs to be set. The device automatically adjusts the opening degree of the material door, has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, simple maintenance and constant feeding trajectory during work.

Whether the material can be accurately rolled into the rolling directly affects the grinding process effect of the Cement Brick Machine In South Africa, so the feeding trajectory is a problem that must be paid attention to in the design of the feeding system of the roller Cement Brick Machine In South Africa. For Cement Brick Machine In South Africas with servo-adjustable door opening, it is usually determined to keep the feed trajectory constant to determine the speed of the feed roller before each Cement Brick Machine In South Africa. However, the calculation error of this method is too large, and there are two main reasons: the influence of the tooth profile of the feed roller on the magnitude and direction of the initial velocity of the projection is not considered, or the air resistance of the material particles falling in the air is ignored.

The feeding door opening angle affects the amount of the falling material layer. Firstly, the input control deviation signal is collected, the shape of the barrel, the material falling direction from the slide pipe, the transmission mechanism of the pneumatic valve, etc., and the transmission mechanism is flexible and beneficial to the material. Flow sensing effect. Its sensing is a single proportional control for high sensitivity of sensing, and the feeding control method is based on the actual use effect, and the flow sensing sensitivity is low and the feeding gate opening effect is poor. This feeding control method is simple and easy to implement, and the manufacturing cost is low. In addition, because there is no material level detecting mechanism, for materials and flow fluctuations, production is not easy to achieve dynamic balance, and energy consumption can not be underestimated. Pneumatic servo feed control is adopted on the pneumatic high-efficiency Cement Brick Machine In South Africa. Compared with the mechanical manual type, it is equipped with mechanical float sensing material flow.

The feeding control method of the Cement Brick Machine In South Africa has also undergone mechanical manual type, and the feeding roller is improved from a single roller to a double roller all-speed, which is advantageous for the material to fall evenly. The material level detection method has mechanical float sensor. From the actual use effect, there is a big difference between various parties, which is also related to the difficulty level and manufacturing cost of various methods. Then debugging and long-term effective use are more difficult. Even if the feeding control is effective, this method changes the amount of the falling material layer. For the constant working distance of the moving roller of the Cement Brick Machine In South Africa, the higher the temperature, the faster the degeneration becomes stronger. Overheat protection or contactor contact sintering. This kind of feeding control method is more common in early high-efficiency Cement Brick Machine In South Africas. The market requirements for low-cost Cement Brick Machine In South Africas are also adopted by the manufacturing unit. The feed roller drive is driven by the grinding roller, and the belt drive is driven after deceleration. The material flow control mainly relies on manually adjusting the opening angle of the feeding door.

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