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Iron Ore Beneficiation Flowsheet

Iron Ore Beneficiation Flowsheet

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Abstract: There are many types of iron ore, iron ore beneficiation Flowsheet different there are some differences, this article will be a magnet for iron ore, for example, talk about the iron ore beneficiation Flowsheetes. Hope it will be useful for you.

Single Magnetite Iron Ore Beneficiation Flowsheet

Single magnetite iron ore, mainly sedimentary-metamorphic magnetite iron. The vast majority of iron ore mineral magnetite iron, with fine disseminated mainly; gangue minerals are quartz or hornblende and other silicate minerals. Some contain more iron silicate, such ore beneficiation production history the longest, simply because of the composition of the ore, often with weak magnetic separation methods.

For medium to large iron ore magnetic separation plant, when grinding particle size greater than 0.2 mm, often with some grinding magnetic first; less than 0.2 mm, the two-stage grinding and magnetic separation. If the coarse tailings can separate the qualified, the use of magnetic separation stage grinding. Dryland, the use of dry grinding dry magnetic separation, are depleted or depleted magnetite iron-rich magnetite iron ore, usually removed by dry magnetic separation gangue, the former get-rich massive ore; after all after grinding magnetic selected to obtain concentrates. In order to obtain high-grade ore, magnetite iron concentrate can be hit with anti-flotation or fine sieve methods such as shock treatment. In order to improve the recovery rate can be considered Tailings and other technology for further recovery.

At present there is no reasonable use of iron silicate way, therefore, silicate iron ore beneficiation is not emphasized in the recovery. Although the use of recyclable iron silicate mineral Flowsheeting methods, but because of low iron silicate minerals iron grade, will greatly cut down the total concentrate grade in the economy becomes unreasonable. Generally when a certain amount of charge in the iron silicate, does not affect the medium-sized blast furnace conditions along the line, and iron silicate iron is not lost from the slag; but in the small blast, because silicate Iron Ore Beneficiation Flowsheet is an endothermic reaction, and the low melting point. When consequent charge if a certain amount of iron silicate, will reduce the oven temperature furnace conditions make ring true line, and ran slag.

Polymetallic Magnetite Iron Ore Beneficiation Flowsheet

Multi-metal-containing magnetite iron ore, mainly sulphide skarn magnetite iron ore and a handful of magmatic apatite containing magnetite iron ore, ore magnet was in grains (2 to 0.2 mm) to fine-grained disseminated, gangue silicon salt or carbonate minerals, often accompanied by raw calendar Polygonum iron, cobalt, pyrite or chalcopyrite and apatite. Such ore beneficiation production also have more practice, generally weak magnetic separation and flotation joint Flowsheet, which uses recycled weak magnetic iron sulfide flotation recovery or apatite. Principles Flowsheet is divided into weak magnetic separation – flotation flotation and – weak magnetic separation of two different bodies and even the whereabouts of these two Flowsheetes raw magnetite iron and sulfides, the previous Flowsheet, even with the main body into the iron ore concentrate in; the latter Flowsheet, mainly into the sulfide concentrate, so, in the same grinding fineness, the post-election Flowsheet can get a higher magnetic float lower iron sulfide concentrate containing sulfide concentrate and recovery.

Depleted ore can also be removed with a dry magnetic separation gangue, then fine screening do not. Such self-fluxing ore often, it should pay attention to maintaining self-fluxing ore concentrate. There’s a high magnesium, magnesium and some were isomorphic occur in magnetite iron, it is difficult mechanically isolated and iron ore.

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