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Chrome Ore Beneficiation South Africa

Chrome Ore Beneficiation South Africa

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How to extend the service life of Chrome Ore Beneficiation Machine steel ball

The grinding of the material inside the Chrome Ore Beneficiation Machine is mainly achieved by the impact of the rotation of the steel ball. Therefore, we must understand the nature of the Chrome Ore Beneficiation Machine steel ball to ensure the high efficiency of the grinding. In the working process of the equipment, the wear of the steel ball has always been our concern. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the several forms of the failure of the Chrome Ore Beneficiation Machine steel ball, so as to effectively prevent and extend the service life of the steel ball.

1, cutting and chiseling wear

The steel ball slides or rolls relative to the material in the ascending stage of the Chrome Ore Beneficiation Machine, and the sharp corners of the material are cut into grooves with different surface depths, and long-distance cutting occurs in the relative sliding to form intersecting grinding grooves. When rolling, the cutting groove is short, and when an impact occurs, the local chiseling forms an isolated chiseling pit, causing wear of the steel ball.

2, deformation wear

When the grinding ball and the material slide relative to the impact and impact, under the repeated action of the material, the crack is generated by the strain fatigue, the crack spreads from the surface, and the proportion of the deformation and wear of the material with low hardness and plasticity increases.

3, fatigue wear

The formation of fatigue cracks depends on the stress state and the material condition. The stresses of the casting defects of the ball, the shrinkage holes, and the slag inclusions tend to form cracks. It extends to the edge under certain fatigue cycles, forming a large piece of peeling and the surface is out of round.

4, brittle peeling

The brittle second phase, carbide, and graphite on the surface of the ball are prone to breakage and spalling during wear, forming a peeling pit. The macroscopic realization of the grinding ball is wear, roundness and breakage, including the above-mentioned wear mechanism.

Through the analysis of the wear failure mode of the steel ball of the Chrome Ore Beneficiation Machine, it is known that the selection of the casting material of the steel ball is very critical, and it must have sufficient hardness, toughness and fatigue strength, which can satisfy the three points to ensure the quality of the steel ball and reduce it. Wear rate and long service life.

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