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Grinding Milling Machine

Grinding Milling Machine

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Grinding Milling Machine technical parameters

Abstract: The development of mining and mining is closely related to the development of Grinding Milling Machine industry. Grinding Milling Machine has simple process and high production efficiency. It is a common grinding equipment for stone grinding. In recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, and the scale of mining and construction industries has gradually expanded. Various metal and non-metal mines, cement plants, construction, sand and stone metallurgy and other industries have set off a climax of construction and production in all parts of the country. Grinding Milling Machines are in The status and role of mine development in China is becoming more and more important, and it has become a powerful pillar for the creation of benefits in the mining industry at that time.

The Grinding Milling Machine produced by SBM is a new type of high-efficiency milling equipment. Through continuous innovation of technology, it has gradually developed into a Grinding Milling Machine with perfect performance. Its structural advantages include small size, simple structure and large grinding ratio. It has a promising equipment with low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size and selective crushing. The milling ratio is large and the discharge size is small.

Grinding Milling Machines should also pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in daily applications. If you ignore this, the efficiency of the equipment will be reduced, and the equipment will be damaged or even have potential safety hazards! To this end, SBM Xiaobian summed up a few common senses of Grinding Milling Machine maintenance and maintenance, to help your love machine achieve profit, I hope to help you!

1. The operating point of the Grinding Milling Machine needs to be kept stable. If there is a sudden increase in the vibration amount of the Grinding Milling Machine, stop immediately to find out the cause and eliminate it in time.

2. Under normal conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35 degrees, and the high temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. If it exceeds 70 degrees, stop immediately and find out the cause.

3. When the wear of the grinding roller reaches the limit mark, it should be turned over or replaced in time.

4, assembly or replacement, after grinding the roller, keep the rotor balanced, static balance should not exceed 0.25kg.m.

5. After the rack lining is worn, replace it in time to avoid affecting the wear of the casing.

6. Check if all bolts are tight before starting the Grinding Milling Machine.

7. When the rack lining, lining plate, grinding roller and other wearing parts need to be replaced after wear, or when the Grinding Milling Machine needs to be eliminated, use the ratchet device to open and close the upper cover for replacement and overhaul.

8. Before opening the upper cover, first loosen the lock nut and bolt, then place the spacer on the lower end of the upper cover arm. When opening, two people need to operate at the same time, and the ratchet device is pulled, and the upper cover is slowly opened. When the opening is approaching the end point, the lower end block should be in contact with the lower end of the arm to ensure safety and security.

9. After the replacement or overhaul is completed, the small handle on the ratchet device is operated simultaneously between two people, and the upper cover can be closed slowly.

10, always pay attention to and timely lubrication of the friction surface.

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