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Kaolin Milling

Kaolin Milling

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Factors affecting the fineness of grinding

First of all, we must fully understand the influencing factors of grinding fineness. In summary, the factors affecting the fineness of grinding are: raw ore hardness, crushing particle size, sieve mesh, feed amount, Kaolin Milling Machine model, number of steel balls, steel ball size ratio, Kaolin Milling Machine lining Plate wear, Kaolin Milling Machine speed, classifier speed, classifier spindle lift height, classifier blade wear, classifier overflow weir, leveling machine lower opening height, classifier lower opening size, classifier upper opening height, classifier The size of the opening, the size of the water at the returning sand, the size of the water of the Kaolin Milling Machine, and the size of the flushing at the discharge port of the Kaolin Milling Machine.

Understand all of these influencing factors, we need to find one by one in the production operation to find the best adjustment factor.

Raw ore hardness: different ores, the hardness is not the same, this factor is fixed relative to the same ore, and can not be adjusted. However, in the production, under the premise of the technical requirements of the beneficiation process, reasonable ore distribution can be carried out, and the ore size can be made as uniform as possible, and the ratio of the block and powder minerals is reasonable and stable. In addition, in the belt of the Kaolin Milling Machine belt, the belt may leak due to long-term wear, and most of the leakage is powder ore. This part of the mine must be added to the Kaolin Milling Machine as soon as possible. Stacking for a long time and adding them in a concentrated manner will result in uneven feeding of the Kaolin Milling Machine and cause unstable production. Especially difficult to beneficiary, often the properties of powder minerals and block minerals are not the same as the height of the grader spindle, which is also an important factor affecting the amount of sand return and the fineness of grinding. Normal normal production requires the grader spindle to be in place. After some equipment maintenance and repair of the Kaolin Milling Machine of the concentrator, the ore in the classifier was not cleaned up. Under the long-term sinking, the mud sinking was more realistic. When the grader spindle was lowered, it was not careful. The spindle is completely lowered, resulting in less sand return than normal. In addition, if the spindle is not lowered, it may be because the spindle has not been cleaned and oiled for a long time, so pay attention to it during the operation.

The crushing size and the adjustment of the sieve mesh are closed. The Kaolin Milling Machine must supervise the crushing system. If the size of the Kaolin Milling Machine changes during production, it must be reflected to the crushing workshop immediately. The final requirement is that the finer the particle size, the finer the better.

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